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Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 08:53 pm

i decided that with changes ive gone though recently i need a new journal. my new journal is amusicboxmelody. it's friends only so please add me. :)


Jun. 15th, 2006 | 08:48 am

so..this user littleratwasher, also known as meg the bitch has decided to stalk me online and leave me random journal comments and then email JR with whiny messages about how im jealous of her..yeah. cause she wrote a long journal entry about me a while ago because she started to like JR according to one of her & his mutual friends, and he hates her. riiiiiiiiight. that makes sense for someone whos in their 20's to do. be jealous of someone's girlfriend she doesnt even know. hahaha. shes also lying about saying how i leave mean comments on her lj..um, not worth my time? i havent even gotten on lj in forever, other than to check my friends list. this is exactly why i dont use lj anymore. stupid dramatic bitches who are so unhappy with their own lives that they reach out and try to hurt people they dont even know. what intelligence!


Apr. 4th, 2006 | 10:31 am
location: dorm
feeling: content content
melody: youre beautiful::james blunt

wow. i just added up my hours. after first semester next year, i'll be a junior. nice.


Apr. 4th, 2006 | 09:52 am
location: dorm
feeling: musing musing
melody: tv

i kind of wish i wasnt a girl scout drop-out


Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 02:19 pm



Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 12:20 am
location: dorm
feeling: thankful thankful
melody: adult swim

it's really amazing, the people that come into our lives. sometimes you think you have someone figured out and then they surprise you totally. it's also really amazing the effect we have on people, and how, even years later someone who you havent spoken to can pick up with where things left off and settle whatever problems arose during the course of a friendship.

i got the strangest message from casey on myspace tonight, and it was just nice to see that finally, after almost 5 years, there is closure to a hurtful part of my life. I feel really relieved about the pain I went though in that relationship and I feel really at peace. it's nice to recieve an apology, and even nicer to know that you can forgive without an alterior motive, to forgive because it feels right and because it's time to move on. there's a part of me that never moved on, that now can.

im glad for that.


Apr. 2nd, 2006 | 03:07 pm
location: dorm
feeling: ditzy ditzy
melody: parental control in background

this weekend, i painted a large portion of my body with purple fingernail polish on a whim.

fingernail polish remover has failed to correct this unwise decision.

lesson learned.


Mar. 24th, 2006 | 11:16 am
feeling: ditzy ditzy
melody: jubilation t. cornpone

dr. mcallister will be happy to know im staying at catawba for at least 1 more semester.

also, this thing with nick roman is done. he pissed me off majorly last night, after brittany's birthday fiesta at monterrey's.

i'll be in thomasville pour la week-end.

Telephones a moi.

au revoir!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 | 10:54 am
feeling: cold cold

claire, i had to steal your idea: i bolded the ones i like best::

sophie is a pseudonym
sophie is differently wired but her artwork is incredible
sophie is getting known to you through these pages
sophie is ‘hot’ in both senses of the word
sophie is a daemon which uses 'libsavi' library from sophos anti virus vendor
sophie is elegant and diffident
sophie is a lady
sophie is also receiving a separate batch of equally unusual letters
sophie is a keen kickboxer
sophie is a german shepherd
sophie is 'pr lightweight' julia day monday april 9
sophie is by now enraged
sophie is in my opinion the most beautiful creature on planet earth
sophie is is a mutt
sophie is reanimated
sophie is seven
sophie is seven dick king
sophie is the first model from our latest budapest 2 trip
sophie is not a sedate cat; she will play with anything
sophie is a six
sophie is a reading tool
sophie is easily influenced by most people when they are nice to her
sophie is a keen member of a classical orchestra
sophie is habituated and could potentially be a threat to humans
sophie is the angel of darkwind
sophie is deaf
sophie is the sophomore
sophie is my niece
sophie is not what she seems
sophie is my first bunny
sophie is a major player on the world scene
sophie is the assistant school clerk
sophie is likewise attracted to connor although she can't believe she is attracted to a man of his class
sophie is only marrying braddon because he's an earl
sophie is gaining weight and becoming more comfortable in her new foster surroundings
sophie is a lovely basenji lady with a definite preference for gentlemen
sophie is so well balanced that she makes even a poor rider look good
sophie is joining us from california
sophie is still serving araminta
sophie is the only one keeping the family together
sophie is now with her kind foster mother in raleigh
sophie is a 5
sophie is going to be three so soon
sophie is no fulltime photomodel
sophie is muziek
sophie is the sensitive
sophie is in grade one
sophie is good with kids
sophie is adopted
sophie is a young girl who lives in norway
sophie is a 20 year old
sophie is hard at work on material for a new release titled sweet cantaloupe
sophie is connor's friend
sophie is only the fifth athlete to be nominated a second time for the howard mackie award
sophie is living in the brices' apartment at irene's beck and call and doubling as her servant and accomplice
sophie is the first dog i have ever fostered
sophie is 24
sophie is fortunate to have a person that loves her as much as karen does
sophie is thirteen years old
sophie is born just one hour and 15 minutes after i arrive at the hospital
sophie is drowning and promptly goes to her rescue
sophie is obsessed with a woman whom she both despises and is jealous of
sophie is really enjoying the game as it is her favourite
sophie is able to realize she is not the only person in the world with problems
sophie is and sophie has; never did it say she is
sophie is working
sophie is quick to point out that she has benefited from the honors college in many ways
sophie is located 16 kilometres west of faro
sophie is also tipped for a role in us sitcom friends
sophie is an outspoken opponent of blood sports
sophie is a french teacher at ausable chasm middle school in upstate new york
sophie is far from rosy
sophie is the print production system used at the national extension college
sophie is driven to music as the only way to express her true feelings and on timbre nothing is held back
sophie is a work of art on as grand a scale as le louvre
sophie is doing great on shows also her sisters nala
sophie is someone else who can see past the prejudices of colour
sophie is employed by "computer watch" as a branch office manager
sophie is all i have left
sophie is a 40
sophie is nonetheless a marvellous hatmaker
sophie is pursued and held in thrall by a green dragon
sophie is a fully qualified designer with experience in the north of england on a range of projects
sophie is unaware what day it is
sophie is asked a number of questions by the unmet philosopher
sophie is always irritated because her friends do not understand her feelings
sophie is registered blind with functional vision in only her left eye
sophie is a bit of a hoyden and unable to live within her father's strict rules
sophie is a 14
sophie is a pigmy goat that was rescued from a petting zoo

dangerous angels

Mar. 20th, 2006 | 08:23 pm
feeling: sad sad

♥ dangerous angel quotes that feel appropriate right now ♥

"I think that all of me is broken. Not just my heart that cracked the night Angel Juan told me he was going away. Not just my body slammed with the sadness I see with no one there to put me back together in bed at night. Now it feels like my mind too."

"My heart is a teacup with hairline cracks. I feel like I have to walk real carefully so it won't get shaken and just all shatter and break."

"She said that pain helps you see everyone else's really clearly. Or it makes you blind."